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Only The Brave Teach | Educators are a unique group of people and we construct our own societies and rules.

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Why Educator SocieTEE?

Educators are a unique group of people and we construct our own societies and rules. As educators, we want to be comfortable, we want to be motivational and uplifting, all while being a change agent in our communities. Shopping with Educator SocieTEE ensures you receive the highest quality apparel and accessories. We belong to a tight-knit society of people who support each other… and celebrate that next little step toward changing the world one kid at a time. This brand is created by an educator for educators...

Living the #educatorlife while being a Edupreneur!

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Supplies Matter

Because Educator SocieTEE was created by an educator, we know the importance of supplies for both teachers and students. We annually sponsor teachers with supplies to outfit their classrooms and students with backpacks filled with grade level appropriate supplies. Shopping with us keeps you stylish and helps us continue to support educators and kids in the United States! Be sure to join our email list. Winners are randomly selected from those that shop and opt-in to communicate with us!